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Services and Support Call 1-888-62-LEARN

Your Toshiba Warranty
Every Toshiba product is warranted to the individual or institution. It covers all manufacturing defects for a period of time not less than one year.

Standard Warranty coverage includes:
  Online support via the Toshiba Internet web site
7x24 telephone support provided by the Toshiba InTouch Center
Standard Warranty repair service includes:
  Carry-in warranty repair of notebooks and desktops via Authorized Service Partners (ASPs)
Pickup-repair-return warranty service of notebooks via the Toshiba Notebook Depot
On-site warranty repair of desktops (1st year) via the Toshiba OnCall Network
Online Support
Answers to many commonly asked technical questions plus hundreds of easily downloadable software drivers are available at no cost from Toshiba's site — http://pcsupport.toshiba.com

Ask Iris Online
Now, Ask Iris Online makes obtaining technical support even easier for customers with immediate solutions with this Instant Response Information Service. Users have the ability to ask questions in plain English and receive answers instantly. Talk to Iris by going to http://pcsupport.toshiba.com

The Toshiba InTouch Center
Obtain assistance from a trained staff member 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, or obtain sales support and information via fax by calling 1-800-457-7777.
Technical support and customer service: 1-888-62-LEARN.
Technical support and repair for international travelers: (35)246-0433.
Toshiba Authorized Service Partners (ASPs) - Notebooks and Desktops
Located in every major metropolitan area and dedicated to customer satisfaction, local Toshiba ASPs offer trained technicians who have the skill and experience to provide the highest quality service.
Click here for a list of Toshiba Premier Service Providers.
Interactive Online Support
Toshiba's outstanding interactive online support forums on CompuServe are now available on the web! As a guest, you'll be able to follow all of the discussions. There's a good chance that your support questions have already been answered there. If you'd like to post a technical support question in our forums, you can sign up for CompuServe. This will allow you to send and receive technical support questions and answers and participate in a peer-support community. CompuServe is offering a free trial period for this exciting service.


Available from the Toshiba Education Center and through our national network of channel partners, Toshiba SelectServ packaged services feature Notebook Depot service, on-site repair service, SystemGuard no-fault damage protection coverage, and no-fault screen replacement coverage. These optional extensions on upgrades to the standard warranty are available in the U.S. only.

SelectServ Program Benefits:
  - Single point of contact for quick and reliable service.
- Variety of service options.
- Confidence that your investment is protected.
- Ability to purchase a total hardware and service solution from a single source.
Toshiba Next Business Day On-Site Service
This service is for Toshiba notebooks and desktops. Once a service call is placed to the Toshiba InTouch Center, in the unlikely event the problem cannot be solved over the telephone, and is found to be a hardware problem, a field engineer will arrive at your site the next business day* to get your system up and running. Toshiba currently offers the following on-site services:

Next Day Service
A field engineer is on-site by the next business day (warranty upgrades for notebooks and extension for desktops).
No-Fault Screen Replacement Coverage This upgrade provides two no cost replacements per year of damaged or cracked notebook displays. Parts and labor coverage is required for each year of this upgrade.
This upgrade provides two no cost replacements per year of damaged or cracked notebook displays. Parts and labor coverage is required for each year of this upgrade.
Toshiba Notebook Depot
Toshiba Notebook Depot provides pickup-repair-return service. Once a service call is placed to the Toshiba InTouch Center, in the unlikely event the problem cannot be solved over the telephone, and is found to be a hardware problem, a courier will be dispatched to pick up and ship your notebook computer to Toshiba. We will repair and ship your system back to you. Toshiba pays all shipping charges. Currently, two Notebook Depot services are offered:
Select Service
(Standard Warranty)
32 hour repair cycle**-
system returned within 3 days of receipt at Toshiba.
Express Service
8 hour repair cycle**­
system can be returned in as few as 36 hours of receipt at Toshiba
Toshiba DirectCare Option
Many successful schools have established self-maintained on-site technical support by becoming Toshiba Direct Care service providers. For information about Direct Care, contact the Toshiba Education Center.
* For locations within 60 miles of most major U.S. metropolitan areas.
** time unit spends in depot

SystemGuard is a solution for the unexpected accidents. It is a warranty upgrade program that provides for the repair or replacement of a Toshiba notebook computer (one incident per year) in the event of accidental damage including spills, drops, damaged or cracked screens, and power surges.

The first notebook manufacturer to provide optional warranty coverage for damage to notebook displays through its ScreenGuard program, Toshiba now enhances that warranty by covering the entire system. Toshiba offers SystemGuard at the industry's lowest price and provides customers substantial cost savings when combined with a warranty extension or upgrade. SystemGuard makes repair or replacement easy and convenient with flexible options for depot, Authorized Service Provider carry-in or on-site service.

Customers can take advantage of SystemGuard within 10 days of system purchase by contacting a Toshiba Authorized Reseller or signing up through the company's online registration process available on all Satellite and Portégé 3000 Series notebooks. When customers encounter accidental damage, they simply call Toshiba at 1-800-457-7777.

If the hardware problem cannot be resolved over the telephone, Toshiba will arrange for depot service, dispatch a technician to the customer location or direct the customer to a local Authorized Service Provider for carry-in service, based on the SystemGuard program selected by the customer.

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