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Mobility. Taken to another level.
Convergence of Telephony, Wireless Computing and Business Applications
Toshiba's Mobility Communications System (MCS) is a wireless mobility solution built on ITSUMO™ technology for the office campus. MCS integrates telephony services with wireless computing and business data applications within a single pocket PC, notebook or other portable computing device. Seamless network-to-network roaming allows users to maintain their connection to critical data applications and sustain a continuous voice connection, even while transitioning from one subnet to another within the business campus. ITSUMO™ means “always” in Japanese and is a suite of existing and new standards-based network protocols and architecture for wireless voice and data convergence.
Addition, Not Replacement of Current Infrastructure
MCS integrates with your existing infrastructure (most corporate PBX systems, voicemail, corporate data backbone and wireless capabilities) offering continued ROI and additional functionality from existing systems. Adding MCS to your current voice and data infrastructure, bridges the gap between voice and data networks. This solution takes advantage of Wi-Fi® technology in an organization to minimize wireless, cellular and telecom costs.
Increased Productivity with a Single Voice/Data Device
Combine email, phone calls and data management in one Pocket PC, notebook or other portable computing device and have your "desk phone" and data connection with you anywhere within a wireless campus.
Platform for Existing and New Horizontal and Vertical Applications
MCS provides a platform that allows companies to extend existing data applications, implement key mobile data applications and deploy VoIP over WLAN capabilities within their organization. MCS is a cost-effective alternative to implementing cutting edge technology while still using your current hardware and software architecture.

MCS provides built-in security for network authentication and authorization to guard against unauthorized access to your network. It can co-exist with your corporate network security systems. You may therefore use your existing VPN and firewall solutions to protect corporate data. The MCS network also supports wireless WEP key use and 802.1x and other wireless security standards.
The possibilities of Toshiba MCS are endless.
Just take a look at what Toshiba MCS can do for you:

  • Maximize employee efficiency with new communications capabilities
    With a single device you can check your calendar, PBX voicemail and email anywhere on campus. You can also set-up your office phone to ring through to your Toshiba Pocket PC, Notebook or Tablet PC, so you can make or receive phone calls wherever you are in the corporate building.

  • Enable employees to deliver better customer service
    Sales associates can access updated data information and check inventory to help them up-sell, cross-sell, and close more sales. They can use the same device to call a product specialist or other store location to immediately get the details they need for their customers. Managers can be more proactive with access to updated performance metrics from the retail floor. Warehouse managers can scan inventory and place calls in the facility - all with the same device.

  • Empower your sales force and field support to improve customer satisfaction, maximize assets and reduce cycle times
    Sales reps, service technicians and field insurance adjusters can carry customer data and current price lists into the field and update via a hotspot or other wireless Internet connection.

  • Improve patient care and accuracy with one cost-effective device
    Physicians can review charts, write prescriptions and enter patient data at the bedside while also being able to make a phone call from the same device. Administrators can monitor performance from anywhere in the hospital.

  • Collaborate effectively in large-scale facilities
    Work orders, documentation, schematics and other information can be delivered to employees via voice or data without interrupting workflow. Employees can use one device to communicate with anyone on the campus from wherever they are in the facility.

  • Increase operational efficiencies with voice/data convergence
    Organizations that use a multitude of devices to communicate can now work with one device -- no need for 2-way radios, pagers or cell phones. Employees can quickly update the status and customize services to meet needs. For example, in a hotel housekeepers can easily advise on room availability and maintenance tickets that need prompt attention while bellhops can respond and give personalized service.

  • Get the competitive edge today!
    Contact your Toshiba Account Manager or email us at mcs@tais.toshiba.com to learn how your company can use Toshiba's Mobility Communications System, built on ITSUMO™ technology, to create a competitive edge through technology and differentiate your company from other organizations.
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